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  1. One Bible Only?: Examining the Claims for the King James Bible edited by Roy Beacham and Kevin Bauder of Central Baptist Seminary in Plymouth, MN — May be the best book on the issue (written by professors of Central Baptist Seminary of Plymouth, MN, an independent fundamental Baptist school)  published by Kregel.  Its authors come from within fundamentalism and thus they understand the issue better than many evangelicals.  [See a list of posts excerpting sections of this book here]
  2. The King James Version Debate: A Plea for Realism by D.A. Carson — a short, succinct work which includes an appendix critiquing Wilbur Pickering’s (a Majority Text advocate) book, The Identity of the New Testament Text.
  3. The King James Only Controversy: Can You Trust the Modern Translations? by James White — one of the first evangelical works to take on the issue head on, the issues White addresses have not been adequately dealt with from the other side.  The book is now available in a revised edition from Bethany House.  [Reviewed by Jason, here]
  4. God’s Word Preserved: A Defense of Historic Separatist Definitions and Beliefs by Michael Sproul — a newer work, which spends time detailing the historic fundamentalist position on this issue.
  5. New Testament Text and Translation Commentary by Philip W Comfort — this is a helpful look at the manuscript evidence for those who aren’t well versed in Greek. He provides a commentary on most of the textual variants that affect English translations. Very good. [Reviewed by Bob, here]
  6. Understanding English Bible Translation: The Case for an Essentially Literal Approach by Leland Ryken — this book argues for formal equivalency and discusses the pitfalls of dynamic translations. [Reviewed by Jason, here]

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