Research Tools

For even more links, check out our sister site, The King James Only Research Center.

The Unbound Bible — contains multiple Bible versions, including several Greek Texts and the LXX, all in a very easy to use format

Blue Letter Bible — a site which makes it easy to see the Hebrew and Greek words behind each English word (other tools available also)

The NET Bible — an online Bible version with 60,000 textual notes, it often discusses textual variants and is a great resource for exegesis

Online Original KJV 1611 Bible — scanned images from the KJV 1611, site is very easy to use

English Hexapala (1841) — compares Wycliffe (1380), Tyndale (1534-36), Great Bible (1539), Geneva (1560), Rheims (1582), KJV (1611) side by side, and includes the annotated Greek text of Sholtz (who was a Traditional Text advocate when he published that), hosted at Net Bible Library

Net Bible Library — contains old online books (scanned images, very easy to use) specifically dealing with OT and NT textual criticism

Greek New Testament, with variants — easily search any NT passage and see the variants listed with manuscript support

Student’s Guide to NT Textual Variants (by Dr. Bruce Terry) — This is a discussion of the key textual variants in each book of the Bible. It compares the variants and shows which texts support which reading. It is designed for those without a knowledge of Greek. Dr. Bruce Terry is the Professor of Bible and Humanities for Ohio Valley University.

An Online Textual Commentary on the Greek Gospels (by Wieland Willker) — details the 1500 textual variants in the 4 Gospels and discusses the evidence for them in about 2400 pages (pdf)

Bible Manuscripts Project — information and links regarding online resources for studying Bible manuscripts

An Online Encyclopedia of NT Textual Criticism — an online encyclopedia attempting to cover all aspects of textual criticism in an orderly and fair fashion

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism — scholarly online journal

The Bible Translator (UBS’ Journal) — archives from 50 years of UBS’ The Bible Translator (scholarly journal)

Bible Translation Resources — a compilation of scholarly links relating to Bible Translation

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies — contains many links to online resources for Biblical studies (including textual criticism and online Bible texts)

New Testament Gateway — a directory of internet resources on the New Testament (tons of resources referenced)