The Rules of the Debate

This is a debate blog. Healthy discussion is the whole point of maintaining a blog about the KJV Only controversy. Ground rules are essential to any debate, and its best to make the expectations very clear up front.

We’ve had to delete comments, edit them and even ban people from commenting in the past. But as this is a group blog, sometimes we’ve disagreed with ourselves in how to enforce the rules and what expectations we have.

With the recent redesign, I thought now would be a good time to lay down some explicit rules and then let previously banned posters have a second chance at following the new rules. This is our turf, and I’m the founder of this blog and pay the bill for hosting it. So please respect our right to moderate as we see fit. I’ve borrowed from the discussion guidelines at our sister site: Re:Fundamentals to come up with the following guidelines:

1. Please write your comments plainly and neatly. Remember that written text often sounds different in another’s head than it does in yours. Be ready to clarify; and on the other side of things, be ready to ask good questions.
2. This is a discussion among Christian brothers and sisters, for the most part. It should read like a discussion among brothers and sisters, not like hate mail or attacks (from either side).
3. Name calling and ad hominem accusations are not appropriate for this discussion and such things will be edited out of your comments. Repeat offenders will be moderated, warned, and if necessary banned.
4. The authors of this blog represent diverse Christian traditions. We often model proper interaction in responding to each other’s articles.
5. The opinions of commenters are their opinions. We do not assume responsibility for their statements.
6. Stay on topic or take the discussion off-line.
7. Do not make lengthy quotes from sources using cut and paste. These quotes will be abridged by the site administrators.
8. We welcome re-posting and tweeting on the topics and issues we raise. We ask that you link back to the original article in your re-post and do your best not to reproduce whole articles or quote us out of context.
9. These guidelines will be amended and appended as necessary to maintain a healthy environment of discussion.


3 thoughts on “The Rules of the Debate

  1. James Snapp, Jr. July 20, 2010 / 3:32 pm

    These standards seem reasonable. One question: #7 says, “Do not make lengthy quotes from sources using cut and paste.” What about lengthy posts in general? How many words long is too long, even if the material is altogether original and on-topic?

    Yours in Christ,

    James Snapp, Jr.

    • Erik July 20, 2010 / 3:44 pm

      Lengthy original posts are generally ok, as long as they are 1) on topic and 2) not a filibuster. (Sometimes people will throw copious quantities of what essentially amounts to white noise up just to prove something. When they do that, we call it a filibuster and will generally edit it down. But a filibuster has to be pretty extreme to get that treatment.)

      The reason we have the ‘no cut and paste’ rule is that you can just as simply add a hyperlink to the source or bibliographic information. It is an ease of reading, flow sort of thing.

    • Bob Hayton July 22, 2010 / 8:31 pm

      I would agree with Erik’s answer. In the past we had one commenter who would cut and paste reams of material from his own online posts on the topic. Problem was he was off topic usually, and wouldn’t interact with our posts instead he was using them to spout his stuff ad nauseum. That kind of thing is both rude and unproductive. If something is pertinent to the debate and can’t be excerpted in a brief way, please just link to the source article.

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